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CrossFit Cirencester – MET-Con

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10 minutes of low-intensity Ass Bike or Jogging @ 70%

Followed by…

Dynamic Range of Motion Series:

Inchworm Walk + Scap Push-Up + Press Up x 5 reps

Alternating Reverse Lunge with stretch x 10 reps

Alternating Lateral Lunge x 10 reps

Plank Walk x 20 seconds

Followed by…

Two sets of:

2 minutes of Ass Bike @ 60-65/50-55 RPMs

or Row @30/45 SPM

10 Push-Ups

Followed by…

3-5 Sets of:

30 Seconds of Ass Bike or Rowing @ 90+%

60 Seconds Rest

Rest 2-3 minutes, but stay warm.


Clean Barbell Warm-Up

(5 reps of each, 2-3 times through the complex with barbell)

Clean-Grip RDL

Clean Pull from Below Knee

Front Squat

Followed by. . .

Two sets of:

Front squat x 3 reps

(use this for activation – don’t exceed 50/35kg)

Rest as needed

Clean (In remaining time builds to 75% (perfect))

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