18.3 You didn’t need calves for the rest of the week

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General Warm Up (No Measure)

Before Class Please –

Tack & Floss then:

10-15 reps

Wrist Circles

Elbow Circles

Shoulder Circles

Shoulder Taps


Shoulder Taps & Lat Flex

Dynamic Hug

Sgt Slaughter Arms

Torso Rotation

Hip Circles

Ankle Circles

Iron Cross


Monkey Pose


Russian Baby Makers


Leg Swings

Squat Mobility Sequence (No Measure)

5-10 reps of each movement:

Goblet Squat

Praying Squat sequence

Prone Shoulder sequence: Surfer, W’s, Y’s & T’s

Supine Shoulder sequence: Field goals, I’s & Snow Angels

RNT Low squat band push outs

Monster Walks – Multi-plainer

4 position Butt Isolation
Tack & Floss

All before class – we need as much time as possible in class for the Warm up & Heats


15minutes building up the OHS & DB Snatch to target weights. You need to be in a state where these loads feel easy.

If you are close to a muscle up – we will spend a further 5 minutes prepping that.

Extra Notes

This WOD is going to be all about who can keep their composure. You will get frustrated and possibly angry, but if you can keep your cool and squeeze out a few more reps, that will make all the difference.

Stay out of the Red, with strict rest periods, always pushing the pace for this Chipper.

I have given your captains specific advise to pass on to you for this WOD

Crossfit Games Open 18.3 (Ages 16-54) (Time)

2 rounds for time of:

100 double-unders

20 overhead squats 115/80 lb

100 double-unders

12 ring muscle-ups

100 double-unders

20 dumbbell snatches 50/35 lb

100 double-unders

12 bar muscle-ups

Time cap: 14 minutes

Crossfit Games Open 18.3 Scaled (Ages 16-54) (Time)

2 rounds for time of:

100 single-unders

20 overhead squats 45/35 lb

100 single-unders

12 chin-over-bar pull-ups

100 single-unders

20 dumbbell snatches 35/20 lb

100 single-unders

12 chin-over-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 14 minutes

Recovery & equipment clean up

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