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CrossFit Cirencester – MET-Con

Beast Mobility (No Measure)

Bear Crawl

Polar Bear

Angry Gorilla


Duck Walk


Then warm up for Met-con

Metcon (Time)

Teams of two will complete three rounds each (total of 6 rounds per team) of:

10 Box Jump Overs or Step-Overs

15 Thrusters (barbell or dumbbell)

20 Abmat sit ups

While one partner works through the round, the other must hold two dumbbells fully extended overhead. If the dumbbells are dropped from overhead, both partners must perform 3 burpees before resuming the remainder of their round. If you don’t have a partner, rest with dumbbells extended overhead for as long as it took you to complete the round – performing 3 burpees every time you drop the dumbbells.

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