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Christmas timetable from Monday 18th. You will only be able to book into class once the WODs are released. Advanced Programming & CrossFit programmed. Coached in CrossFit & simply follow the program for Advanced programming (Non coached). A chance to test what you have learned in 2017.

CrossFit Cirencester – Advanced Programing

Active Recovery – MIDWEEK: WIN THE DAY
Spend additional time Rolling out and stretching today. Stay
hydrated and eat well


10 minutes appropriate warm up

Shoulder Press (15 to build MFD )

Be very aggressive with the lift, Big deep breath before taking

the bar off the rack. Get your feet placement and immediately

press. Press up and back. Slowly Exhale to finish the lift, do not

hold your breath the entire press. The exhale should sound

more like a grunt or yell to know that you are engaging the core

and slowly regulating the air out.


Not For Time –

800m Run @85% pace into

5 sets Bike/Row/Ski 90sec ON/ 60secs OFF MAX Calories @85% pace

*focus on breathing


20 minutes of Smashing, Tacking & Flossing

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