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CrossFit Cirencester – Advanced Programing


Single arm HS hold, wall facing, 3x:10/side (scale to regular handstand hold, but still practice getting into the single arm hold, you may need to shift your body’s center of gravity over the arm)

Rope climbs, 7×1 EMOM (scale to 1 every 2 minutes or more)

L-Sit on parallettes, accumulate 1:00, put a 45 lb plate under your feet, once your feet hit you start again)

Ring rows 3×20, slow and controlled, elbows flare our wide to build back. adjust the angle of the body/ring height to make it challenging, but still unbroken.

Single arm DB rows 3×10/arm, activate lats, slow and controlled, as heavy as possible without using a “kipping motion” …all arm.

Reverse Hypers on GHD, 3×20

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