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The Warm Up (No Measure)

Jumping Jacks – to the sides, then front to back.

Lunges – Elbow to ankle, then which way to the beach?

Keith Lemon

Speed Skaters with wide stance

Special Inchworms

Wax on/ wax off

Special Shakeira

Russian Baby Maker

Dead Lift Prep (No Measure)

Tack Back, Hips, Lats

Floss Hamstrings, Lats

Monkey Pose

Arabesques with kicks

PVC dead lift

Sumo Deadlift (15 mins to establish a heavy 1 rep)

Use hydraulic breathing method. Big deep breath before the

pull. Drop your butt and pull! Keep butt down as long as

possible. As soon as the bar reaches the bottom of the knee

violently squeeze your butt and exhale to finish the lift.


EMOM10 –


“Stack the Pancakes” deficit Hand Stand Push Ups

*Add plate height each round( Men use 10kg plates/ women

use 5kg plates) x3 reps (Scale opposite way)


6-8 Straight leg RDL (Deadlifts that do not touch the


*Men use 60-100/ women 45-65kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Teams of 3

150x WBS 20/14ls

400m Run *Together (2)

150 Burpees

400m Run *Together (2)

Recovery & equipment clean up

Name the Artist/track (AMRAP – Reps)

Score points for correctly naming artist & or track

Name the year (AMRAP – Reps)

Correctly guess the year the playlist was created from

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