Something for everyone!


The core of what we do. CrossFit classes are coached by a Level 1 or Level 2 CrossFit accredited coach and feature a maximum of 12 athletes.  There are 14 classes each day. Hourly starts from 05:30 to 09:30 then noon, 6pm & 7pm classes.

Ladies’ Only

Tuesday nights 8pm to 8.45pm. Feeling nervous about heading to a gym? Lots of our ladies that have moved on to the mixed classes felt the same. It’s from them that we know this is needed. Under the guidance of Katie & Cas you will be guided through the fundamentals in a relaxed atmosphere with content designed by Katie & Cas to ensure you gain all the confidence you need.


5pm to 5.45pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Timed to make it practical to get to the gym from school and priced to be widely affordable, the teen sessions deliver the normal CrossFit programming under the guidance of coach Matt with appropriate scaling.  Anyone in senior school up to 17 years old are welcome.

Open Gym

1pm to 5pm weekdays, open gym is your chance to come and do your own thing whether it be the workout of the day that you couldn’t make at another time, that movement you just need more practice at or a bit of cardio on the rower, bike or ski-erg. It’s up to you. While open gym is not coached, a member of staff is always around to provide tips and ensure safety.

Advanced Programming

We strive to include everyone in our regular programming but some of the competitions we enter teams for are expensive for individuals and demand the highest levels of ability and endurance. Those members who have that competitive urge and relative mastery of the required movements attend these advanced sessions to prepare for competition.  These sessions often have three workouts, are longer and much higher intensity that regular classes. Being oriented to external competitions they are a big commitment and entry is typically based on performance.

Olympic lifting

Sundays 9.30 a class devoted to the skills of moving heavy weights around. This is the weightlifting movements you’ve seen on TV at the commonwealth games and Olympics. Time to focus with coach Florence on the technicalities, breaking down movements to ensure consistent good form is maintained as you move up the weights.


We run a number of ad-hoc workshops throughout the year giving the ability to focus on fundamentals as well as tricker things like double unders and muscle-ups.