First Family WOD of the Holidays

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Who would be interested in Acupuncture sessions at the box? Email or message me please.
Ladies only sessions beginning 25th Feb for new members initially. Tell your friends.
Please remember that the 08:30 class this week is the Family WOD, make sure you book yourself in for the appropriate classes

CrossFit Cirencester – Family WOD

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Family Running Fun (No Measure)

Giant Steps – Walking Lunges

Rapid Rabbits – Butt Kickers

Snooty Foxes – Alt leg high Kicks

Hello Knee – High Knee Marching

Spy Crabs – Side shuffles

Galloping horses – Side skips

Zombie walks – heel walking

Mouse steps – Toe walking


3 Rounds

2 Cartwheels

10m Bear crawl

15m Backpedal

10m Broad jumps

5x sit ups


The Perfect Push Up



Hollow PU position fun




Perfect Push Up relays

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

With a partner, in 8 minutes complete as many round as possible of:

Partner A: 5 Squats,

Partner B: Hold bottom of squat

Switch places and repeat

Partner A: 7 Push ups,

Partner B: Plank hold

Switch places and repeat

Partner A: 9 Dead lifts,

Partner B: Bar hang

Switch places and repeat


Gymnastics Game

“Simon Says”

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