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General Warm Up (No Measure)

Wrist Circles

Elbow Circles

Shoulder Circles

Shoulder Taps


Shoulder Taps & Lat Flex

Torso Rotation

Hip Circles

Knee Circles

Iron Cross


Monkey Pose



Before class please

Extra Notes

Complete the Met-Cons in any order. 3 stations will be set and you will be responsible for setting your equipment up.

15 minute time cap per station. 1 rep = 1 second added as penalty

5 minute transition time between each Met-Con

KEEP LEFT WHILST RUNNING – to allow people to overtake on the right

Metcon (Time)

Rounds of 15, 12 and 9 reps for time of:

Thrusters 50/35kg

Burpees to a 20kg plate

Metcon (Time)

Three Rounds for time of:

Row 350 Meters

Front rack KB carry x 200 Meters

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

12 Box Jump Overs

300 Meter Run (Roundabout)

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