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CrossFit Cirencester – Fundamentals

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a General Strength and Conditioning program that is aimed at developing you as a well-rounded athlete

It takes the best of all sports and training systems and combines them into a single package to offer you a highly effective workout method.

CrossFit combines Body Weight exercises/gymnastics, Free Weights, Kettlebells, and Metabolic Conditioning like rowing and running that balance strength with cardiovascular fitness.

CrossFit uses functional exercises that relate to real-life body movements and not unnatural ones such as those done through the use of machines. This means we can help you if you want to improve your athletic capacity or simply live a full and healthy life!

CrossFit is aimed at developing your capacity in the ten general physical skills:

• Strength

• Power

• Speed

• Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance

• Stamina

• Flexibility

• Co-ordination

• Agility

• Accuracy

• Balance

All our workouts ensure that you are developing in these areas so that not only will you be able to run really fast, but also jump over walls, ski, lift heavy boxes safely, skip, play football and any other physical activity you can think of.

The concept behind CrossFit is GPP, General Physical Preparedness, the idea of being prepared physically and mentally for an infinite number of tasks, which are transferable to everyday life. Each workout is different to ensure that your body is always challenged and stimulated in various ways for maximum physical benefit.


Beast Mobilty Strict


Squat Therapy

Air Squat

Back Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat


Follow this rep scheme –


Air Squat

Ab-Mat sit-up

This means – 21 air squats, 21 sit-ups, 15 air squats, 15 sit-ups and 9 reps of each movement to finish. The movement standards will be demonstrated. Within your current range of mobility and fitness, stay strict with the movement standards. This is important as maintaining them means you will achieve full range of motion and you will develop and progress quicker and safely.

Extra Notes

Cool down


Hi 5’s

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