Step 1

0_0_0_0_250_150_csupload_66510280Try a taster session for free! Join in with one of our CrossFit classes that is convenient to you. To book a session please following this Link or contact us via phone or email. Everyone of every ability is welcome!

Step 2

If you’ve tried and tested one of our free taster session or want to join and get started, we recommend you start with our “Nail It” class where you can complete our Introduction course. This course will coach you in all the fundamental movements required, along with techniques in achieving them that are essential to CrossFit. The course covers a mixture of movements, ranging from Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, kettlebells & body weight exercises. The course is 6 1 hour sessions built up of the following:

  • Session 1. – Air Squat / Back Squat / Front Squat / Overhead Squat / WOD1
  • Session 2. Press ups / Strict Press / Push Press / Push Jerk / WOD2
  • Session 3. Deadlift / Hang Power Clean / Power Clean / WOD3
  • Session 4. Using WODIFY / Snatch / Thruster / Wall Ball / WOD4
  • Session 5. Toes to Bar / Kettlebell swings / WOD5
  • Session 6. Pullups / Rings / Kipping / Rowing / WOD6
Step 3

If we decide you are competent or after completion of the fundamental course, you are now ready to join and partake in all the open classes. We offer a variety of membership options to suit different needs.

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