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CrossFit Cirencester – Advanced Programing

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Strict HSPU 5×5 from floor, use a spotter if you can’t do them strict, NO KIPPING.

PVC/banded BMU warmup drill. 5×10 (attach a band to the pull-up bar, place a pvc pipe to

where the band is in the middle. Lay on the floor on your back in a hollow position and hold

the pvc pipe as you do to the bar when doing a bar muscle up while remaining on your back.

While maintaining position you keep arms locked and pull the pvc pipe to your hips,

mimicking a bar muscle up movement…this is to develop the lats and arms to transfer over

to bar muscle ups )

BMU practice, 5×1(focus on arm position and bringing hips to the bar. If they

look good, we will then do a few sets of 2 working on transition. If not we will do another 5


Rope climb complex: jump to 4 legless rope climb pulls, drop down straight into a rope climb

with feet. 5 sets.

Single arm DB bench press 3×10/arm

DB pullovers 3×10

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