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CrossFit Cirencester – Advanced Programing

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Bottom-up, strict HSPU press-outs. Start on head and press to lockout explosively. 20 singles

(use spotter if needed)

EMOM 6: odd minutes: wall facing HS hold, even-:30 hollow rocks + :30 arch rocks.

Ring push-ups; 4×10, hold planche and rotate hands externally at lockout.

BMU hip-2-bars (big kip and by keeping your arms locked out and long, raise your hips) 5×3.

Perform a BIG open to hollow bar tap and bring your hips up to the bar, and hands to your

hips. No actual BMU here, just the drill.

Reverse Tabata ring holds. Alternate between lockout support (top position of a dip) and

bottom support (bottom position of dip). :10 ON/:20 off for 8 total rounds. 4 x each position.

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