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15.1 Prep (No Measure)

Tack Ab’s – Diaphragm to Hip with torque

Floss Hips from Prone position

Floss posterior chain with banded toe touches

Floss wrists

Floss Front Rack and break tight corners

Clean up Shoulder with banded high pulls

& internal rotation


Prep movements and pacing for Icon

IOC WOD3 2016 – Stairway to FRAN (Time)

18 min time cap

3 Thrusters | 3 Pull ups**

6 Thrusters | 6 Pull ups**

9 Thrusters | 9 Pull ups**

12 ..



21 Thrusters | 21 Pull ups**

Male 42.5kg | Female 30kg

Masters M 35kg | Masters F 22.5

Teen M 20kg | Teen F 15kg

Any grip type can be used on pull ups

** Teens can use jumping pull ups

Each rep incomplete will count for 1 second, which will be added to the 18min time cap.

E.g. 6 reps short

Time 18:06


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Burpee AMRAP

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