Saturday Family Time

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CrossFit Cirencester – CrossFit

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Family Running Fun (No Measure)

Giant Steps – Walking Lunges

Rapid Rabbits – Butt Kickers

Snooty Foxes – Alt leg high Kicks

Hello Knee – High Knee Marching

Spy Crabs – Side shuffles

Galloping horses – Side skips

Zombie walks – heel walking

Mouse steps – Toe walking


10 minutes of Games

Paused Front Squat (5×3 60 seconds rest (M-C-I))

Hanging hip touches (Moving laterally across the rig (5 mins))

Hanging from bar touch hip with same side hand, re-grip bar then switch hands.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Wod: 5 min

10 Presses

10 Box/plate jumps

10x Medball Dead Lifts

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