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OLF Snatch Mobility (No Measure)


Head Passes

Behind Neck Press


Snatch Balance

Muscle Snatch

High Hang Power Snatch

Hang Power Snatch

Hang Snatch


Extra Notes

We are introducing an new movement today: The Snatch from a Power position

The snatch from power position can be useful as both a technique drill and a training exercise for lifters with specific technical remediation needs or weaknesses.


Begin standing in the tall position—standing fully erect with the bar held at arms’ length. Bend smoothly at the knees only as you would for a jerk so that your trunk is vertical, your feet flat on the floor, and the bar against the hip. This is the starting position for the exercise—it begins from a static start, rather than having a countermovement like a dip snatch (it’s really just a dip snatch with a pause in the dip position before the lift begins).

From the dip position, drive hard against the floor with the legs and extend the hips to perform a snatch, completing the rest of the lift as you would for any snatch. Make sure to keep the bar against your body throughout the lift—don’t let it be pushed away at any point.


Snatch from Power Position – 70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x2, 80%x2, 80%x2 of High Hang Power Snatch

Increase weight if you feel good

Drop Snatch (5×3 @55% (2 minutes rest))

Single Leg Dead Lift ((% of BS) 60%x5x3)

Using Barbell & split squat stance, perform a single leg deadlift. Ficus effort on hamstring. Maintain good positioning throughout. Mechanics, consistency, then intensity


Weighted Planks – 3x30sec max

1-arm Farmer’s Walk – 3x50m

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