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Metcon (Time)

BRIGGS – Head to toe

2000m Row

150 Wall balls

100 Burpees

50 Thrusters

A and B will start on the ROW and complete the workout, together. Split the reps however you like

C and D will do the same, but start on the Thrusters, working backwards!

3RM power clean – 15 mins for all four members

All reps must be touch and go, no resetting on the floor!

Only one person working at once. The score is all lifts combined into one total.

Metcon (Calories)

Taste of Wild West – 12 Minute – Calories

First pair complete; 100 kettlebell swings + 50 box jump overs

Once the first pair complete the 50 box jump overs, they can begin accumulating calories on the Row/bike/ski

The second pair can then start their 100 kettlebell swings and 50 box jump overs. Once they’ve completed that, they can join the first pair on chosen ergo.

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