• 5 stars. Best gym I've been too, really effective workout and a great team! Highly recommend

    Steph Buggins
  • stars. Best gym I've been too, really effective workout and a great team! Highly recommend"

    Steph Buggins
  • stars. Incredible. So glad I ditched the regular gym membership for this."

    Les Grey
  • The level of training at CrossFit Cirencester is fantastic. Having been a PT client of David's  for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

    Andy, Cirencester
  • The Best Gym in Britain'
    Zoe Strauss; Sports Massage Therapist and PT Coach
    The best training and personal support I have experienced anywhere in years of personal training. Even now when I am 'Off Games" David is still checking up on me!
    Jo D
  • “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Gym that give you that little bit more. CrossFit Cirencester was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of programing I receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

    Jane, Cirencester
  • He has been a member of CrossFit Cirencester for a few months and consistently raved about it but I just couldn't see the attraction and wondered how he could be addicted to a gym class!!! Although I had noticed the change in my hubby's fitness and body shape and I did wondered if it was for me. 
    So there was an opportunity of a 30 day challenge that I thought would be the kick start I needed and how right was I! For 30 days I could go to unlimited classes and receive advice and coaching about the right foods to eat too. I trained with the crossfit community 3-4times per week and can honestly say the welcome I received and support from everyone during my challenge has inspired me to keep going with the clean eating (allowing myself the odd little treat!) and become a member of the crossfit community!!! In the 30 days I lost 47cm from 4 key areas of my body and lost just under a stone in weight from 'clean eating'. To say I was chuffed was an understatement. I now make the effort to be back in time from work for a class and choose to exercise on a weekend rather than being lazy and cannot praise crossfit Cirencester enough! I couldn't have done this without everyone's continued support and belief in me and fully appreciate that the word 'can't' does not leave my mouth in any class!!!! 
    Thank you everyone!!! Here's to more weight loss and centimetre loss!!!"
    Tash Hughes
  • The training at CrossFit Cirencester is inclusive and addictive.  s expertise and professionalism get the absolute best out of everyone taking part.  His methodical approach to structured, scaled workouts are key to the success of his clients.
    ve been in for years.  s the most complete training I have received.  
    Gone is the monotony that is the gym!  ll be giving it your absolute all to beat your previous time!
    I want to keep challenging myself and after having to quit football I struggled to find something that I could be as equally enthused about, David invited me to one of his sessions and I was hooked - CrossFit was the answer
    Matt Deane
  • 1. Before finding us, what was your struggle? What were your biggest frustrations? After having had two children my body had changed. Weak stomach muscles which in turn meant I had a weak back. 2. How did your struggle and frustrations affect your life? My posture was affected, I used to get a sore back when running. What did you feel like before you made your transformation? I felt low about how my body had changed. 3. How did our program help you? I feel much stronger and fitter. As the training is varied it targets different areas. It's not just the training but there is help and guidance on diet. 4. How is life different for you now? I feel more confident about my body after two children. I'm far fitter than I ever thought I'd be.

    Ruth Green
  • 1. Prior to joining Crossfit Cirencester I struggled to fit in an exercise routine with the everyday juggle of kids work etc but more importantly I struggled in finding an exercise programme that kept me interested and motivated. I was frustrated with other exercise classes that seemed heavily reliant on complicated coordinated moves that I find difficult, I tended to stand in the back getting lost in the routines. I would also find that the gym programmes set up for me in previous gyms I would soon tire of and become demotivated and saw no real improvements. 2. I felt lack of exercise in my day to day life was making me feel low in confidence not just in the way I looked but my emotional well being was affected also. 3. After the initial wariness of walking into a 'gym' with none of the usual gym equipment (running machines, cross trainers, weight machines etc) I was instantly hooked on the way Crossfit works and 100% impressed by the professional, encouraging and patient approach of David. I was put at total ease and have not once felt intimidated which has been the case in previous gyms. I have felt that I am in fact receiving a P.T session each time I go. I receive not just top class coaching in the different aspects of Crossfit but expert advice in nutrition and mobility/stretching advice also. 4. I now look forward to exercising and have met some lovely friendly and inspiring people along the way. I have only really just started my journey but I can already see the results not just physically but my confidence and my energy levels are much improved. Best gym I have ever been too!

    Claire Cripps