Thors-Day Squat Test

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Beast Mobility (No Measure)

Bear Crawl

Polar Bear

Angry Gorilla


Duck Walk



Squat Warm Up (No Measure)

Tack Hips & Butt

Special Couch Stretch

– Oscillation

– Spider with kiss

– Elbow down with rotation

– Piriformis with rotation

– Russian Baby Makers

Fig 4 with rotation

Speed Skaters

Special Inchworm

Squat Mobility Sequence (No Measure)

5-10 reps of each movement:

Goblet Squat

Praying Squat sequence

Prone Shoulder sequence: Surfer, W’s, Y’s & T’s

Supine Shoulder sequence: Field goals, I’s & Snow Angels

RNT Low squat band push outs

Monster Walks – Multi-plainer

4 position Butt Isolation

Back Squat (Establish a 1RM Back Squat)

Follow the protocol:

1×8 65%

5x 70%

2×2 75%

1x 80%

1x 85%

1x 90

1x 95

100, 102.5, 105% etc

Minimum of 2 mins rest per set

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