Week 4

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CrossFit Cirencester – Advanced Programing


Strict, top half “bro rep” HSPU on Parallettes. 5×5 (“bro rep” meaning, go from lockout, to only half way down, and press back up. Head should go down to about 1-2 inches from reaching the level of your hands, use a spotter if you can’t get low enough, hold a strong position.

Strict C2B negatives 10×1, perform 1 strict C2B w/ a :03 pause at the top + a :07 descent

back to lockout.

Strict, top half “bro rep” ring dips. 5×5. From lockout to half way down and press back up.

Double KB press, seated, 4×10, make sure elbows track forward.

GHDSU Trunk rotations w/ pvc pipe 3×20. Pvc held like a backsquat, lean back to a 45 degree angle, and twists right to left while maintaining that 45 degree angle.

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