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Extra Notes

In pairs prep for MET-Con 1

Warm up, then build your weights to opener. There is a lot of strategy to this WOD, so take time to talk it through please.

Metcon (Weight)

Max Lift Complex:

1x Clean

1x Hang Clean


6 minutes alternating.

Minute 1, 3 & 5 athlete A

Minute 2, 4 & 6 athlete B

Score is combined heaviest lift


1x Snatch

1x Hang Snatch

1x OHS

Metcon (Time)

Progressing to teams of 4 (Same sex).

6 rounds for time of:

8 synchro Pull-ups

8 synchro hang power snatches, 40/25

All exercises in this event must be synchronised. In the Pull-ups, all pairs must have chins above the bar at the same time. In the snatch, all pairs must have the barbell locked out overhead at the same time.

Time cap: 8 minutes

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

In pairs 20 minute EMOM

Shared reps – score successful rounds of:

10 Wall Balls + 10 Burpees

Both movements completed in 50 seconds to give you both 10 seconds rest. Preventing it from becoming an AMRAP

20/14lbs Med ball

Tag in and out for work – share the reps of both movements.

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